Saturday in East Knoxville

Beck Cultural Center entrance

We spent the day in East Knoxville, including visiting the Beck Cultural Exchange Center. Listen to the latest episode to find out about the Center and African-American history in Knoxville, TN.

Perk City

A quick stop for coffee and a sweet snack.

The Beck Cultural Exchange Center

Beck is Knoxville’s own African-American history museum, as well as research center and cultural exchange.

The Beck Cultural Exchange Center

Last Days of Autumn

Lunch at a local brewery.

Thanks for visiting and listening to the latest episode! Stay safe and pack light!


Beck Cultural Exchange Center

Perk City

Last Days of Autumn

W. James Taylor

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  1. LaKeisha Fears-Perez

    Love your podcast! Just came across your podcast today, November 21, 2021
    This is LaKeisha Fears-Perez!

    1. touristinyourtownpodcast_35227e

      Thank you!

    2. touristinyourtownpodcast_35227e

      Thank you, LaKeisha!

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