Around the US on a Horse

In the latest episode, I talk to Meredith Cherry about riding her horse around the United States to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

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Talking to Kristen Van Nest

This week, I talk to writer and comedian Kristen Van Nest. Be sure to visit her links below!

Shapotou Desert in China.

All about Kristen Van Nest

I’m an LA-based comedian on BuzzFeed (over 3.6+ million views), host of TVCO’s  live-stream / podcast show: Women Behind the Screen with Kristen Van Nest, and I also have 33k+ followers (14k on Instagram, 9k on Twitter, and 10k on YouTube) for my comedic personal essays, characters, and sketches. My past bylines include McSweeney’s, Museum of Americana: Literary Review, and a viral personal travel essay in Humungus to name a few.

An Expat in Taiwan

This episode features Emily Walsh, a young woman who moved to Taiwan, and has traveled extensively. Emily talks about taking chances, learning new cultures, and making friends around the world. Listen now!

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